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Barnes Blogs about... March Madness

by Mike Barnes

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Posted on March 16, 2011 at 3:58 PM

It's March Madness time and I really, really like my bracket. 

Well, I do right now.  I didn't five minutes ago.  But I did an hour ago.  Didn't last night.  But did when I filled it out on Monday night.

It's that type of roller coaster year for college basketball.

How else can you explain why Texas seemed to be a sure #1 seed and then fell to a four.

How else can you explain why Colorado didn't make the tournament?

How else can you explain why some games are on something called truTV?

It is a different year for March Madness and that has me a little worried about the Horns.   The early game in Tulsa brings back memories of an early game in New Orleans ten years ago.  When they were upset by Temple.  And they weren't the dreaded #4 seed in that game.   #13 seeds always find luck.  Eight of the last ten years a #13 has upset a #4.

But I picked 'em to win.  Even picked 'em to beat Arizona in the second round.

After that... well... let's just say I have vivid memoried of Duke playing Texas in the 2005.  Remember when the Horns wore the black jerseys and got black eyes from being hit so hard by JJ Redick's threes?  Ouch.

But this year, more than any in recent memory, you just don't know.

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