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Barnes Blogs about... Longhorn trouble

by Mike Barnes

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Posted on October 17, 2012 at 7:38 AM

Shouldn't we have seen this coming?  We're not all wearing blinders, are we?

And yet, the Oklahoma smashing of Texas is nothing like I predicted.  I texted a friend just before the game, and said "31-30 OU".  He's a Longhorn fan and I expected him to be mad or surprised at my guess.

His reply:  "It won't be that close".

That was just before kick-off, and when someone away from Austin who's a knowledgeable (he's a high school football coach) sports guy says something like that, it kind of wakes you up.

I assume everyone else had to wake up by around 12:30.  By then, it was over.  Say what you want about Case McCoy and his two touchdowns against an uninspired, back-up defense.  This game was about as bad as it could get for the Horns.

But, the way this team is, shouldn't we have seen it coming?

Sure, they beat Oklahoma State. And yes, Mike Gundy is still a man at 45, but Texas always gets up for big road games.  Remember Nebraska two years ago.  One of the five wins that year was that upset in Lincoln.

Texas has a young offense that went up against Mike Stoops' tough defense.  Texas has a defense that is far from one of the best in the nation (I'm buying that!) and has now lost its best linebacker and best defensive lineman.

I won't even start on the defensive backs tackling with shoulders and no arms.  That would make this blog last for days.

This team has holes.

West Virginia showed it.  Oklahoma proved it.  And now people are calling for Mack's head, David Ash's job, and assistant coaches to give up their paychecks.

It's not that bad.  Mack Brown has spent the last couple of months pointing to next year, when most of the team is back, more mature and closer to his expectations.

There is some improvement needed.  This team that some national experts predicted would go to a BCS bowl now needs to pick things up to avoid a low bowl that goes up against soap operas on the TV schedule.  Injuries continue to hurt the team in more ways than one, and it'll be interesting to see if the offense can get past its growing pains.

But maybe there is a bright spot on the horizon.

Texas plays Kansas in a couple of weeks.  The Jayhawks are already in basketball mode.