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Barnes Blogs about... Drinking the Kool Aid

Barnes Blogs about... Drinking the Kool Aid

by Mike Barnes

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Posted on September 7, 2013 at 11:56 PM

Updated Sunday, Sep 8 at 5:20 PM

Do you feel like you got suckered in right about now?

Did you buy the hype of the up-tempo offense and the defense that had fixed what was wrong.

I didn't, and I hope you can say the same.

Texas made national news with more than 700 yards of total offense in the season opener against New Mexico State.  But you know what it got them in Provo?  Nothing.

It showed how really bad New Mexico State is and it showed how vastly over-rated Texas is right now.

The team that has been average or a little better the last three years did not transform into a powerhouse overnight.

You might hear excuses about losing Daje Johnson changing things.  You might hear excuses about the weather delay changing things.  You might hear excuses about how playing on the road is tough.

But what you should really hear is, "This team is not as good as we thought."

I spoke at a luncheon this week and told the guests the BYU and Ole Miss games would tell me a lot about this team.  Now I don't know if I need to see the Ole Miss game next week to know enough.

No Texas defense has ever given up as many rushing yards in one game.


Think about that for just a second.

Think about the teams Texas has played in its history.  The great Oklahoma teams of the 50s.  The incredible wishbone teams of the Sooners of the 70s.  A Heisman winning performance by Colorado in the 90s.

And this had never happened.


Mack Brown has his work cut out for him.  Lucky for him, it's a down year in the Big 12.  He only has to worry about half the teams.  But after Ole Miss, which is a questionable game now, Texas still has Oklahoma, Oklahoma State, Texas Tech, TCU and Baylor.  And I'm leaving out a Kansas State team that was upset in its season opener.

I told the group I spoke to this week that winning over BYU and Ole Miss could lead to a 10-2 or 11-1 regular season.  But I said losses to those teams could mean 6-6.

Guess that makes this week's game even bigger.

Which bowl does a 6-6 team go to, anyway?