Does it Work? IScope telescopic light


by Sandra Parker, 13News

Posted on March 12, 2013 at 11:11 AM

Updated Wednesday, Oct 23 at 12:35 PM

What is it? a telescopic light with a flexible light neck and magnet
What does it claim? to extend to 22 inches and allow you with the magnetic ends to pick up objects in hard to reach places

Who tested it?  Norfolk resident and handyman Hollice Wiggins

What Are The Instructions? The IScope will operate right out of the box.  But you have to first unscrew the head of the flashlight and remove the white battery tab.  To turn on the LED flashlight you just press the round rubber button.  Press it again to turn it off.  Once the light is one you are ready to get to work.  To use the telescopic feature you just pull the head of the flashlight to telescope out.  Pull it again to expose the flexible neck that bends in any direction.   For better portability the IScope is equipped with a clip for a shirt pocket or belt.

Both ends of the IScope are magnetic.  So the bottom magnet can be used to hold the IScope in place while you point the light directly where you need it.  Then if you need to pick up objects in hard to reach dark places you can use the magnet attached to the flashlight head to do that. 

If the light becomes dim it's time to change the batteries.  You must first open the battery compartment by unscrewing the top of the flashlight counterclockwise.  Remove the battery holder and place 4 LR44 batteries inside.  The  LR44 batteries should go down negative side first.  Then place the battery holder back on clockwise.  You should never mix old and new batteries.  You should also never mix Alkaline, Standard, or Rechargeable batteries.

Did it work? Wiggins thought it was great.  He was very impressed.  He found that he was able to use it on many projects around the house.  He especially liked the ease with which he could use the IScope.  The fact that there's a magnet on both ends was his favorite feature.

Cost/Availability? You can purchase the Bell and Howell IScope telescopic light at Walmart for $9.88.

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