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Posted on September 3, 2013 at 9:24 PM

Updated Tuesday, Sep 3 at 10:41 PM

AUSTIN -- Need a painter?  Need a dog sitter?  Maybe a maid, or a website?  You

Plato wrote, “necessity is the mother of invention.” That certainly applies to an Austin based start-up.

"Personally I just always needed things done. I really got frustrated. I had to go out and like call people, haggle with people, get quotes, look up reviews. And I'm like ‘wow,’ there's got to be a better way," said founder Wade Floyd.

So Floyd created NeedTo.Com, a clearing house for people to find help or find work.

"You go to the site, post whatever you need. It could be as simple as walking your dog, to as broad as remodeling your house, or building a website for you. So you just say I need this," said Floyd

He began building the site in late 2011. Extensive background checks are conducted on those offering employment, and each service is reviewed.

"A lot of online reviews now, people just pay people to make up [stuff]. So with ours you only get reviewed if you hired them on the site," Floyd told KVUE News.

While anyone can post ‘looking for work,’ Floyd says it's especially beneficial for part-timers like college students.

"They could actually get practice doing a skill. Whether it be making logos, or graphic design student, or if they could do copywriting if they're a writing student, or blog for people," Floyd said. "Our biggest mission is creating a place where anybody can find work."

The site is free to use as long as you pay cash for your services. takes 10 percent if you pay with a credit card.  Floyd says 10 percent of all the profits go to job training programs.

Needto.Com has a special discount offer for KVUE users; get $10 credit for your first NeedTo service by entering the word KVUE. 

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