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Posted on August 6, 2013 at 10:20 PM

Updated Wednesday, Aug 7 at 10:32 AM

AUSTIN -- In the 1960s the Hanna-Barbera cartoon “The Jetsons” represented the vision of the future. Complete home automation. Machines would dress us, cook for us and transport us with the push of a button.

The creators got some of it right. For example, the flat screen TV.  Other ideas haven't quite come to fruition. But maybe we're on the cusp.

"We want to enable home automation for people that would have never considered home automation before," said Ed Hemphill, one of the creative minds behind a new product called WigWag. "WigWag is essentially a platform to let you tie different kinds of Internet connected devises together easily."
We're beginning to see a lot more products for the home, like outlets and light bulbs that we can control with a wireless device.  What WigWag lets us do is control them all in one place
WigWag has eight different environmental sensors, and you can essentially tie them to different things in your home.
"You could make this outlet go on and off. You could make your light go different color. You can turn your air conditioner on and off," said Hemphill.

It's simple to use and you decide how it works.

"You might make the lights turn a different color when there's motion in the backyard. You might create different kinds of experiences based on temperature," Hemphill told KVUE.  "Anything that can be controlled via mobile in terms of having an app and some kind of API, some kind of connectivity that another device can control it, we can work with it. Then we can make those devices do things automatically."

Wigwag cost $139 for the kit, and the company is currently raising funds on Kickstarter. It will be made in Austin when it goes into production.


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