Tech Tuesday: All about the kids



Posted on October 8, 2013 at 9:48 PM

Updated Tuesday, Oct 8 at 10:40 PM

AUSTIN – This week’s Tech Tuesday is all about the kids, everything from keeping their creations -- to keeping them safe.

A revolutionary watch for children called Filip is headed to the U.S. Filip can only call five pre-programmed telephone numbers. It is also connected to an app that allows parents to find their child if he or she is lost. 

Creator Sten Kirkpack came up with the idea after a real-life scare.

"I know first-hand it can be pretty scary if you know something has happened to your child. I experienced that once in a shopping mall when I lost track of my son Phillip," he said.

Kirkbak's son was found safe. But that incident led him to invent Filip.

The device also allows parent to set a perimeter. If your child goes outside of that zone -- you get a text.

AT&T will begin selling Filip the first of the year. No prices have been released yet.

Keeping children and the rest of the family safe inside your home is moving to a new level with another product called Nest Protect. The maker of the smart thermostat has developed a smart smoke detector.
In their promotional video a human voice sends out an alert saying, "Heads up there is smoke in the dining room."

Nest Protect can differentiate between smoke from the kitchen and a real fire.

It is also a carbon monoxide detector. You can monitor it all from your smart phone. It even sends your phone an alert while you're gone.
Nest Protect retails at $129.00.

Children produce a lot of artwork. There are a couple of apps that can help you save space.
One app, called Keepy, takes pictures of your little-ones creations. You can then tweak the color, organize the pictures and share them. You can also attach a video with a message to the grandparents -- and they can respond.
Another app, Canvsly, is similar to Keepy. It comes with a smart account share feature so multiple approved people can keep up with a youngsters entire gallery.

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