TECH TUESDAY: Screen repair, sugar batteries, Amazon TV


by KVUE News

Posted on January 21, 2014 at 11:17 PM

Updated Tuesday, Jan 21 at 11:25 PM

In this Tech Tuesday, Apple is repairing iPhone screens in-house, a new sugar-powered battery is introduced and Amazon develops a new way to watch TV.

Getting your phone repaired could get faster and cheaper. Insider reports are circulating the iPhone 6 could be unveiled in June and may feature a screen one inch bigger than current iPhones.

Meanwhile, Apple retail stores are now fixing cracked screens on iPhone 5 and 5c models. It will take about an hour and will cost $150.

Previously, Apple shipped phones to repair centers and charged $229.

The in-store repairs are only for 5 and 5c models and will not be available for the iPhone 5s, 3 or 4 models.

Also, a sweet new battery could change how you power your cell phone and tablet. A Virginia Tech University research team has developed a battery that runs on sugar.

While this is not the first, theirs has a higher energy density, allowing it to run longer before needing to be refueled.

These batteries could replace conventional ones in three years, making them cheaper, refillable and biodegradable.

Lastly, instead of cable or satellite, the internet could be the next way many of us watch TV.

According to the Wall Street Journal, Amazon is considering a paid TV service offering live TV channels just like those on cable or satellite.

The paper says Amazon has approached at least three big media companies seeking distribution rights for their channels.

The company already offers Prime customers some TV shows and movies on demand.

Verizon is also aggressively pursuing internet TV.



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