Hillary Clinton visits Austin for only stop in Texas on latest book tour

AUSTIN -- There was a standing ovation for three time best-selling author Hillary Clinton Friday night at the Long Center in Austin for her only stop in Texas on her latest book tour.

"It's wonderful to be back in Austin," Clinton said as she greeted the crowd of several thousand people.

Clinton is promoting her book "Hard Choices."

"At its core, this book is about why America matters to the world, and why the world matters to America," said Clinton.

She writes about the challenges of becoming America's 67th Secretary of State in 2009.

"We were involved in two wars, the global economy was in freefall, traditional alliances were fraying, Iran was on a fast-track to a nuclear weapon, China was eager to take advantage of what they perceived as our weakness and much of our world was questioning whether America still had the ability to lead."

Clinton also said her experience leading up to 2009, including serving as New York Senator during the attack on the World Trade Towers, shaped how she began her term as the country's top diplomat.

"When I became secretary, one of the first conversations I had with the president was what more could we do. I write a chapter about what went into the decision making that finally led to the president ordering the raid on that moonless Pakistani night that did bring Bin Laden to justice."

As Secretary of State under President Obama, she says she writes about her biggest regrets and achievements, including "how we fought for women's rights, gay rights and human rights all over the world."

Clinton did not shy away from her first failure at running for president

"I had a great time in Texas running for president I must say, but it didn't turn out quite the way I had hoped," she said, laughing.

But she did say that it helped shape her for international politics as Secretary of State under President Obama for four years.

She's been a first lady, a senator and a secretary of state. Many are wondering if this is a campaign tour of sorts, and if she will make another run for president in 2016.

However, Clinton did not mention anything about making another run for president, and has said publicly she has not yet decided whether or not she will place her name in the hat.


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