Cruz, Abbott tour Lackland facility, blame Obama for undocumented minor crisis

SAN ANTONIO-- Sen. Ted Cruz and Attorney General Greg Abbott spoke of horrifying stories involving children trying to get to the U.S.

"Stories about children having their ear cut off or having fingers cut off along the way here," said Abbott. "A story about a quadriplegic child who was left on the banks of the Rio Grande River on the U.S. side showing the way that these cartels and gangs and smugglers operate."

It's estimated about 47,000 unaccompanied minors mostly from Central America have entered the U.S. this year. 9,000 children crossed illegally in the month of May alone. Most come from Honduras, El Salvador, and Guatemala where gang and drug violence is a big problem.

Cruz requested a tour of the facility at Lackland AFB which is housing about 1,200 undocumented minors. Texas Attorney General Abbott said if you do the math drug cartels are making $100 million off the crisis.

He said children are being left in the hands of drug smugglers who abuse the children. Both Cruz and Abbott blame the Obama administration.

They say it promotes policies that encourage children to make the dangerous and illegal journey to America.

"And what President Obama and the Senate Democrats have decided is they're going to hold border security hostage in order to try to force through an amnesty program and both of those policy decisions have encouraged the humanitarian crisis we've seen," said Ted Cruz, (R) Texas.

Sen. Wendy Davis is urging Governor Rick Perry to declare a state of emergency to help address the border crisis.


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