San Antonio bus driver leaves children at wrong bus stop


by Brix Fowler / KENS 5

Posted on September 4, 2013 at 5:42 PM

SAN ANTONIO -- A mother is holding her two young daughters a little tighter today. This is after they went missing for a few hoursTuesday after school.

It was two hours of terror for mother Alana Gonzales when the school bus her daughters were assigned to take never dropped them at their designated stop. She never even saw the bus come by.

"I was panicked. I'm thinking my kids are gone. How am I ever going to see my kids again?" said  Gonzales.

Leila and Lexi Gonzales were supposed to be dropped offf at their home on the corner of Clover Creek and Cold Creek around 3:05 p.m. But they ended up being dropped off more than half a mile away near the corner of Antler Post and Ashbury Creek.

That's when another mother saw the kids and stepped in.

"I'm grateful to the mother who saw my kids wandering around, looking lost and stopped them and called the school and stayed with them. i can never thank her enough," said Gonzales.

in response a Northside School District spokesperson released this statement:

"I can confirm that NISD let the children off at the wrong bus stop. The driver and school staff were alerted to the mistake and have taken steps to ensure that it does not happen again. We very much apologize to the parent for the anxiety caused and am glad that a good Samaritan was there to help."

The incident has other families worried.

"I've had people telling me that we're going to try and take measures so that this doesn't happen. It doesn't mean a whole lot to me until my kids come home." said Gonzales.

Gonzales' children did get home safely Wednesday from school.  A school district representative said the bus driver involved in the incident will probably face disciplinary action.