Man arrested outside of school for violating protective order




Posted on March 6, 2013 at 9:22 AM

Updated Wednesday, Mar 6 at 12:40 PM

UPDATE 3/6/13, 11:30 a.m.: Police arrested Alexius Tavo Wednesday morning outside of Donna Park Elementary School for violation of an emergency protective order, a Class A misdemeanor.

HURST, Texas -- The threats are made in a series of profanity-laced, hate-filled text messages that Alexius Tavo wrote to the mother of his child, according to a police report obtained by WFAA.

"I will get a machine gun soon," one threatening text said, "Get a bunch of bullets. Then goin to [his son's] school and murdering as many ppl [sic] as possible. Kids and all. And I'm going to put a letter in my pocket and say this is your fault."

Tavo's child is a student at Donna Park Elementary School in Hurst.

His child's mother reported the threats to police in January, and officers arrested the 29-year-old man, charging him with making terroristic threats.

Tavo served 45 days in jail and was released on Sunday.

Parents at Donna Park Elementary who asked not to be named said they're terrified to just find out about the threats. They first alerted WFAA to the text messages after getting a letter from the principal last Friday.

Why parents were not originally alerted to the threats remains uncertain. Neither police nor the school district would comment officially.

Hurst-Euless-Bedford ISD did send a letter home with all 453 students which said, in part, that the suspected parent is now "banned from all HEBISD campuses, including Donna Park Elementary School. When this parent is released from custody, we will have a Hurst police officer on the Donna Park campus to ensure that this ban is enforced there."

Tavo told police he drank ten 40 oz. Bud Ice beers in a six hour period and later smoked marijuana before sending the threatening texts, according to the report. He specifically denied the messages that said he would inflict violence at the school.

"He said the more alarming messages were not him in that state of mind," the officer wrote in the incident report. " He cried several times throughout the interview," the report continued. "He said he blacked out when he drank alcohol and blacked out several times on 1-16-13 [the date his wife said he sent her the texts]."

"When I was interviewing Tavo," the officer said in the report, "in no way did I detect the odor of alcohol on his person or see any visible signs he had been drinking. Also, he said he became 'psychotic' when he drank to the extremes he described in the interview."

The mother of Tavo's child, who reported the threats, told WFAA that the suspect "is not going to hurt anyone." He doesn't own any weapons either, she added.

Still, some parents have taken their children out of Donna Park Elementary and said the district is letting them enroll their children on other campuses.

Several mothers told WFAA they came forward because they worry that parents of older students on campus likely don't know the violent nature of the threats since the principal did not detail them in her letter home with children.