Ex-EMT in Texas blast indicted on firearm charge


by SHANNON MURRAY / KVUE News and Associated Press

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Posted on May 15, 2013 at 8:03 AM

Updated Wednesday, May 15 at 6:20 PM

WACO, Texas -- A grand jury indicted Bryce Ashley Reed for possession of an unregistered firearm on Tuesday. A scheduled arraignment for him was canceled Wednesday afternoon.

Defense attorney Jonathan Sibley planned on asking the court to release 31-year-old Bryce Reed on bond Wednesday.

"I don't think there's any evidence to show he's a danger to the community. I think he served his community honorably," said Sibley.

But after meeting with prosecutors and reviewing statements and interviews Wednesday morning they decided to postpone the hearing instead.

"We reach agreements at the last second a lot of times. I can't really comment on the specific reasons why we decided to do it," Sibley told reporters outside of the federal courthouse in Waco. "It would have been great if we could have agreed to have him released. Obviously that would have been great but we reached some middle ground."

Reed is pleading not guilty to charges he had materials to build a pipe bomb.

"He's surprised by this whole process, these are allegations at this point," Sibley said.

The day after Reed's arrest, investigators launched a criminal investigation into the deadly plant explosion in West where Reed responded as an EMS worker.

"There's been some speculation. I think it's unfair, there's no evidence linking him," Sibley said. "I think that's why all of y'all are here because of what happened on April 17th. Not what Mr. Reed is actually accused of in this case."

Investigators say they won't speculate on whether the two cases are related, even the McLennan County sheriff told KVUE News that people are jumping to conclusions.

The ATF is planning to release the results of the investigation regarding the cause of the blast tomorrow.

"These are the results they need to tell us today," Sibley said. "I think it's time for a clear statement that if they think he had something to do with it then say that and show us what you have. I think our community deserves that. At the same time, if they don't have any evidence they need to come out and say something as well."

Officials say Reed lost his job as an EMT in the days following the explosion and county authorities initially charged him with possession of an explosive device. Sibley says the allegations against Reed remain the same.