Mother accused of murdering children feared for her own life



Posted on February 4, 2010 at 8:13 AM

San Antonio police say the mother accused of killing her two boys was "nonchalant" about the double murder.
Now, we're learning more about the 22-year-old mom.

Elyse Colon was described as quiet and nice by several neighbors. She reportedly had a learning disability which caused a speech impediment.

We  also know Colon was the victim of domestic violence, and that she was trying to get away from a violent man.
But, why her two boys ended up dead, we will never understand.

Child Protective Services was working with Colon just days before the killings.

And in 2006, CPS investigated a complaint that Colon used cocaine during pregnancy. She tested negative and so did the newborn.

There were similar allegations in 2008 with her second child. Colon tested negative and the baby had a false positive result.

But, most recently the investigation surrounded complaints related to domestic violence by the boys' father.

Last year, authorities were called to the small back house in the 100 block of Weizmann six times, mostly for emergencies related to domestic violence.

Last September, police arrested the father of the boys, 33-year-old Luis Alfonso Garcia-Pacheco. He is charged with assaulting Colon.  Garcia-Pacheco was in the U.S.  illegally and is being held without bond.

A month after Garcia-Pacheco's arrest, fearing for her life, Colon applied for a protective order to keep Garcia-Pacheco away from her and the boys. 

Colon is in the Bexar County Jail in lieu of bonds totaling $2 million for the murder of her two children.

This is a crime where the state can seek the death penalty.