Woman bakes a pie a day in her half baked retirement

Vickie Hardin Woods has carried a pie container like a purse for the past year, never leaving home without it.

But soon, after completing her mission of baking and giving away a pie every day for a year, she won't need it. And like with any good accessory, chances are she'll feel naked without it.

Words like "withdrawal" and "at a loss" came up when Woods talked about the end of her great pie adventure, which she has documented in a Tumblr blog called "Half Baked Retirement."

"If I feel the need to reach out, fill my day or get a fix," she said, "I can always make a pie and give it away."

Woods baked her first pie on July 1, 2013, after retiring as director of community development for the city of Salem. It was a lemon meringue for her favorite aunt, who took her in when she was a teenager.

She will bake her 365th pie on Monday, June 30, and give it to her husband, Robert Woods.

With access unlike most of her recipients, he put in a special request. He wants a Dutch apple pie with ground toasted hazelnuts in the filling. Since he's been her biggest promoter, a willing chauffeur and a handy oven repairman, she plans to oblige.

Woods never balked at the challenges or the expense of keeping a commitment many of us would have bristled to make in the first place.

"There's hasn't been a day I've been sorry," she said. "Every day I've had joy in my heart from doing this."

Here are eight slices why, in reference to the preferred cut for a pie:


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