Does It Work Wednesday-Berry Breeze

Every week, plenty of people throw away fruit and vegetables that have ended up spoiling in their fridge.

Now one product promises it can keep those foods fresh longer.

The Berry Breeze claims it uses activated oxygen technology to keep your veggies, fruits and other foods fresh in the fridge two to three times longer. For this test we used blueberries, strawberries and raspberries in their plastic cases.

I put the first batch into the fridge along with the Berry Breeze, which constantly cycles sanitized air. It's supposedly neutralizing harmful molds and bacteria, while keeping your refrigerator smelling fresh.

The exact same fruit goes into another refrigerator without a Berry Breeze. One week later we check on our fruit.

The Berry Breeze blueberries look good, but both sets of strawberries are old and moldy. The raspberries without a Berry Breeze are mushy and gross, while the ones with the Berry Breeze look much better. And the fridge doesn't smell, but those strawberries sure do.

The Berry Breeze gets a thumb in the middle.


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