Smithville company collects, sells rainwater

One by one, the bottles come down the assembly line at Texas Rain, a company in Smithville. A machine fills the bottles with water, but it is not just any water - it is treated rainwater.

Texas Rain collects that rainwater and purifies it before it is sold. CEO David Schraub says the rainwater is better than tap or other bottled water.

Rainwater is naturally distilled, so if you think about it...Let's say you water plants and, you know, the grass greens up when rain hits it. When you use your well water or your municipal water, the grass doesn't do as well, he explained.

In 2007 Schraub and his wife were driving to Corpus Christi when it started to rain. He thought it would be great if that rainwater could be collected and treated. Two years later, the company was born.

If the thought of drinking treated rainwater makes you cringe, consider this -- it goes through a multi-step filtering process.

It comes into this one micron absolute filter, Schraub said. So one micron absolute means it's less than a micron - it gets filtered into here. Goes through high-intensity UV; goes through another absolute one micron filter, and then ozone gas is injected into the water, which is O3; it's the best disinfectant you can have.

One micron is one millionth of a meter. Schraub says there is no chlorine or minerals in his water.

Even if the drought continues, the CEO of Texas Rain is not worried. Schraub says the secret is his company's roof. It is the size of a football field and collects water.

For every 1,000 square feet of roof, for every inch of rain, you get 550 gallons...This roof right here is 18,000 square feet. So coming off of this roof right here I get about 12,000 gallons for every inch of rain, he said.

It is not the forecast. Instead, it is his roof that makes Schraub confident he will weather this drought.

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