Rain ruins Oak Hill youth sports complex




Posted on October 14, 2013 at 6:05 PM

Updated Tuesday, Oct 15 at 8:19 AM

TRAVIS COUNTY -- The Oak Hill Youth Sports Association said Monday all games are suspended indefinitely after massive floods ruin their eight baseball fields.

“The season's over. Like, I'm so mad the season's over,” said baseball player Branden Wenzloff.

The 12-year-old first saw the damage at the sports complex Sunday. “The rain really damaged the fields and the mud, and all the mud, just everywhere,” he said.

Fences lie in ruins, caked with trash and debris. The power of the rushing water from nearby Williamson Creek swept decades of packed dirt off the fields, leaving some bases balancing precariously on small islands. Heavy railroad ties from the parking lot litter the complex grounds.

“Definitely a little overwhelming, a little heartbreaking at times. Half of our infield is now in the outfield,” said Stephen Bega, the sports association president.

The Oak Hill Youth Sports Association tells KVUE it could take more than $100,000 to repair all the damage, and it's money the organization doesn't have.

“We don't have those funds currently, but I'm pretty optimistic that we'll be able to make a significant dent in that expense through the generosity of others in our association,” Bega said.

In the meantime players and parents can only watch and wait for the next round of rain to fall.

The OHYSA board meets Monday night to talk about the destruction. The board says they won't even start trying to cleanup until after the rain is over and things dry out.

If you are interested in helping the association repair their baseball fields, contact them at communications@ohysaboard.org. Let them know what skills, services, equipment, etc. you can offer. You can donate to their fund here: Help us rebuild on Square Market.

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