2 Round Rock restaurants fail health inspections




Posted on August 23, 2012 at 10:33 PM

Updated Wednesday, Feb 27 at 12:33 PM

In this week's "Eat, Drink and Be Weary" segment, two Williamson County restaurants ran into trouble with the health inspector. Problems ranged from broken refrigerators to people smoking near the kitchen.

The first restaurant investigated was Las Brisas Mexican Restaurant at 410 West Main Street in Round Rock. The eatery failed its July 5 health inspection with 32 demerits.

Violations noted by the health inspector included two refrigerator units not working at the correct temperature. Everything inside was thrown own immediately.

Ash trays and a lit cigarette were found in the food storage area, and the health inspector noted that the racks in the walk-in cooler needed to be scrubbed and cleaned.

On a required follow up inspection, Las Brisas passed with 14 demerits.

The second restaurant inspected was Sarena's Breakfast and Donut Shop at 1732 North Mays in Round Rock. It failed its Aug. 3 health inspection with 32 demerits.

The refrigerator was set at the wrong temperature, causing the food inside to be thrown out on the spot.

The health inspector noticed an employee making breakfast tacos without wearing gloves. Broken eggs were also found inside a refrigerator.

On the required follow-up inspection, Sarena's Breakfast and Donut passed with zero demerits.

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