Houston fitness model launches 'Hunks for Hillary campaign'

HOUSTON - A Houston fitness model and underwear entrepreneur has launched a “Hunks for Hillary” campaign.

Eric Turner’s shirtless photo with “Hunks for Hillary” painted on his chest is already grabbing attention.

“Without having to say a word, I’m getting your attention and directing it to a cause I feel passionately about,” Turner wrote in Gay Star News. “And I’m hoping other men, both gay and straight, who feel comfortable in their own skin can stand with me and do the same.

After being raised in a Mormon household by Republican parents, Turner admits he hasn’t always been a Clinton fan.


But Turner, a registered independent, said he changed his mind about Clinton after she clinched the Democratic nomination. Now he's joined the movement to “use masculinity to elect a female president.”

“Too often, we’ve seen men make laws about what decisions women can make. Too often, we’ve seen men encourage women to just ‘stay in the home.’ Too often, men feel threatened by strong women,” Turner wrote in the opinion piece called “Why I’m baring my chest to get Hillary Clinton elected.”

Turner’s Facebook page, which features dozens of shirtless photos in his Oryx underwear line, has nearly 2 million likes. But his political posts are getting mixed reviews.

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