Gov. Abbott email warns supporters Texas could go blue in election

Could Texas go blue?

On Monday, one of the most prominent Republicans in Texas has a warning for supporters that Texas could go blue this election.

Governor Greg Abbott is sounding the alarm, citing recent poll numbers.

Democrats couldn't be happier, especially because the email from Governor Abbott to supporters wasn't meant to be seen publicly. It was sent to the governor's donors, and now Democrats are sensing a real opportunity to push ahead.

Anyone who knows anything about Texas politics knows Texas is a solid red. Although, polls have been showing Hillary Clinton running very close to Donald Trump in Texas.

The sobering email from Governor Abbott is giving legitimacy to the possibility Texas could vote Democrat this year.

In the email, Abbott asks for donations to keep Texas red and get Republicans elected to Congress and state and local races.

Although the governor didn't respond to KENS 5’s for comment on this story, he made similar remarks when he was in San Antonio on Saturday, campaigning for Republican Congressman Will Hurd.

He's in a tough race with Democrat Pete Gallego.

“If we're going to get people to turn out and vote, we have to go door to door, person to person, explaining to them why this election is so important,” Governor Abbott said on Saturday.

The governor's email cites a Washington Post-Survey Monkey poll showing Clinton one point ahead of Donald Trump in Texas.

It’s the second poll showing a Clinton lead in the Lone Star State.

“Any other Republican would be winning by at least 10 points in the state of Texas, but it's Donald Trump,” said Manuel Medina, the Bexar County Democratic Party chairman whose optimism is fed by raw data. “We have more than 1 million voters registered in Bexar County for the first time in the history of Bexar County. And you look at where they're registering at, and they're registering from places that traditionally vote democrat. It's younger people, it's Hispanic people, it's women.”

A third poll by Texas Lyceum shows Hillary Clinton within striking distance of Donald Trump, down just one point among registered voters.

The last time Texas voted Democratic was in 1976 for Jimmy Carter.

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