Protesters: Health care vote spurs future political involvement



Posted on March 19, 2010 at 4:37 PM

Updated Friday, Mar 19 at 6:43 PM

AUSTIN -- About two dozen protesters gathered outside the downtown Austin office of Congressman Lloyd Doggett Friday.  They say they believe the proposed changes to America’s health care system are un-American.

“What we have going on in Washington is nothing short of one-party, iron-fisted, tyrannical government at its worst,” said one protester, carrying a bullhorn.

Small-government activists like Nelson Ramirez feel the health care vote is emblematic of what's wrong with both parties, no matter who's in power.

“I do believe it's going to pass, one way or another.  They’re going to force it through, so ultimately the message will come in November,” said Nelson Ramirez of the Central Texas 9/12 Project.

For some protesters in this group, that bi-partisan anger isn’t abstract. In fact, it’s already spurring them to action.

“People, whether Republican, Democrat, Libertarian, far left, can see that there’s a failure of logic and ease behind this legislation," said Lela Pittenger who is running for the United States Senate as a Republican.

“I’m tired of this, we’ve got 400-some people in Congress that day-in and day-out pay the Constitution no mind,” said Sam Brannon who is running for Congress as an Independent.

The man he's seeking to replace, Congressman Lloyd Doggett, D-Austin, still hasn't committed to voting yes or no on one of the most controversial pieces of legislation to come before Congress.

“The Congressman, he is his own mind, he’s going to review it and make sure its going the most good for Central Texas families,” said Amanda Tyler of Doggett’s Austin office.

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