Tornado carries home 100 yards with family inside

BURNET COUNTY, Texas -- A tornado touched down in Burnet County, just outside Bertram. It even carried a home about a football field distance away. The home is still standing, the family of four inside was not hurt. Surveyors with the National Weather Service said they haven't seen anything like this. They spent the day there following the path of the tornado.

"We were calling on God. Have mercy on us please," said Jeremiah Ashworth,

The Ashworth family is trying to salvage what they can from inside their home after a night they'll never forget.

"You could feel the pressure. The windows blew out and you could feel that pressure, extreme pressure," explained homeowner Trenton Ashworth.

It's hard to believe the family of four went untouched, huddled in the downstairs bathroom as a tornado picked up the house at dropped it at least 100 yards away.

"It was worse than any amusement park ride I've ever been on," Trenton said.

"It's literally like Dorothy and the Wizard of Oz when the tornado comes and lifts the house up," described Jon Zeitler with the National Weather Service.

Zeitler has been with The National Weather Service 25 years and said he's never seen anything like it.

"If you told me a house was a 100 yards away, I'd tell you it would be a pile of rubble," he said.

Zeitler and his team went to Burnet County to figure out the path the twister took and just how much damage it did.

"We're thinking this is the start, then where that house is, it will be about 10 miles," he said, pointing to a row of twisted, broken trees.

It also hit another home just a few miles down the road.

"We knew it was a tornado right away," Zeitler said.

While it seems like nothing short of a miracle the Ashworth family is alive and well. Zeitler said it's because they did everything right.

"What saved their life is the way he built that house and the safety measures they took," he explained.

Still, the family said they give credit to a higher power that carried them through the most terrifying ride of their lives.

"We were just praying, just hunkered down and thanking God for everything. Just praising Christ and lifting him up. He saved us," Trenton said.

While they didn't end up in Oz, they're reminded there's no place like home.


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