Home gutted after storms, owner leaves without a scratch

Damaging storms slam Point Venture

As tornadoes, lightning and hail passed through Texas and Louisiana Sunday, damaging storms slammed parts of the Austin metro causing not only power outages, but destroying homes.

Karen Rego of Point Venture is just one of many who was hit hard Sunday morning.

Rego says it was around 9:30 a.m. when the rain and winds started to pick up while she was heading downstairs.

“And by the time I got to my hallway, all the windows were breaking and flying in the living room and my whole roof took off,” she said.

Within moments Rego found herself tucked away in her bathroom, listening to the roars outside her walls.

"I was horrified, truly horrified,” Rego said.

Once the storm passed, she stepped out without a scratch, but her home was gutted.

That’s when neighbors began to flood her yard.

“Everybody is just shocked and taken back,” neighbor Doug Gorey said. “Unspeakable, you know, it’s amazing.”

And this isn’t the first time Rego has had to deal with mother nature's wrath. Two years ago, a major hail storm caused over $20,000 in damage.

"But this a little more severe than that,” Rego said.

And although the frame, walls, and porch are broken into pieces, her outlook is still intact.

Several neighbors have offered her a place to stay, some even helping to pick up the pieces.

“You don't think that people are going to come out in droves in support you like they do but they do. And I'm really--I'm happy. I'm happy that I have these people,” she said.

Rego says she has insurance but it will take some time before any progress will be made.

Not far from Rego's home in Point Venture, Brooks Hollow resident Trent Chastain said the storm literally blew the front door off of his home on Lake Travis. 

The National Weather Service confirmed that 70-80 mph straightline winds moved through the area during the storm.

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