Mexico threatens to cancel treaties if Trump is elected

MEXICO CITY, MEXICO - The battle between Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump and the country of Mexico may be ready to take an unprecedented turn thanks to a bill from a Mexican senator; and Texas would be right in the middle of the fight.

According to the London Daily Telegraph, Mexican Senator Armandos Rios Piter has proposed legislation that could set up an international fight if Donald Trump was to win the presidency in November and carry through with his proposed policies. The bill targets Trump’s “wall” with Mexico, but also sets up a possible historic fight with the United States.

Senator Piter’s bill has three parts, according to the Telegraph. The first part would ban the Mexican Finance Ministry from using public funds on any possible project that would be “against the country’s interest,” according to the Telegraph.

Part two could be the most contentious part of the bill and could change the map of the United States. According to the Telegraph, the proposed legislations mandates that if Trump canceled the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA), which would set Mexico in motion to review and possibly cancel any of the “bilateral agreements between the United States and Mexico.”

The treaties involved between the U.S. and Mexico include the 1848 Treaty of Guadalupe-Hidalgo. Under that treaty, Mexico ceded upper California, New Mexico, parts of Utah, Nevada, Colorado and other states. Mexico also relinquished all claims to Texas and made the Rio Grande the southern border of the United States.

Finally, the proposed Mexican Senate bill would also see the country retaliate if Trump decided to economically target Mexicans living in the U.S. According to the Telegraph, Piter’s bill would propose an equal tax on any American citizens living in Mexico.

While Senator Piter told the Telegraph that he didn’t believe any of those deals would be broken; he said he wants the United States to know it has plenty to lose by some of Trump’s proposals. 


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