Does it Work? Vinturi Essential Aerator

For some, a glass of wine is a real treat, but if you don't let it breathe it is likely you will end up with sour grapes.

Now one product promises to let you enjoy your wine from the first sip. KVUE Reporter Quita Culpepper puts the Vinturi Essential Wine Aerator to the test on Does It Work Wednesday.

Louis Pasteur said, "The flavor of wine is like delicate poetry."

Imagine what wine has to say when you don't let it breathe.

That's where Vinturi comes in. This product promises to aerate your wine in an instant, giving it a better bouquet, enhanced flavor and smoother finish.

We head to the Wine and Food Foundation of Texas office in East Austin to try it out with Sommelier Matt McGinnis.

McGinnis is the Food and Drink writer for CultureMap, Austin Man and Austin Women magazines. This guy knows his vino.

"Big red wines like a California Cabernet, or a highly tannic Nebello from Italy like a Barberra or a Barrollo or a Syrah from California or Australia, those kinds of wines you really want to introduce some air into," said McGinnis.

While McGinnis says using a decantor is a good way to mellow out your wine, he's willing to give Venturi a try.

He's chosen a big bold red for this Does it Work.

First he pours a regular glass.

Then it's Venturi time.

"You have to be careful that you get it in the glass and down a little bit so it doesn't spill," said McGinnis.

You simply hold Vinturi over a glass and pour in the wine.

It draws in and mixes the right amount air with the wine, allowing it to breathe instantly.

We have Matt turn his back so he won't know which glass he's getting.

First, the wine poured without Vinturi.

"This one is a little smoother, a little rounder a little fuller, the fruits are coming out the dark cherry flavor,the acidity isn't as zippy. I would guess that that's the aerated wine," said McGinnis.

He's right.

McGinnis says even if you aren't a wino, you could taste the difference, and he gives the Vinturi Essential Wine Aerator two thumbs up.

You can find the Vinturi Essential Wine Aerator at Bed Bath and Beyond. It costs about $30.


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