Does It Work: Ideaworks' No Bend Weed Remover

When it comes to keeping up your yard or garden, one of the biggest chores is pulling weeds.

Now one product promises to keep you off your hands and knees.

Ideaworks' No Bend Weed Remover promises no more aching muscles or dirty knees: Just push, twist and pull those weeds out by the roots.

This product comes in pieces, and the directions to put this thing together are clear as mud.

It takes 30 minutes to put it together.

We follow directions by pushing it into the weed, turning 360 degrees twice, and the weed comes right out.

You then push the ejector to remove the plant, .and you're ready to go again.

The No Bend Weed Remover is sturdy, and keeps you off your knees. You're still bending your back, and for those who aren't good at putting things together, it can be a real pain.

This product gets a thumb in the middle.


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