For devout Catholics, UT-Notre Dame game tests loyalty

UT-Notre Dame game dividing Austin Catholics

AUSTIN - If you consider yourself a die-hard Catholic, then you likely celebrated Mother Teresa's canonization Sunday.

Megan Ferowich did. The 22-year-old even hosted a party at her Central Austin home to honor St. Teresa.

Sunday was also a big day for Ferowich because her alma mater, Notre Dame, faced off with the University of Texas Longhorns. The recent South Bend transplant was not biased about the game at all. None. Zero. Zilch. 

"God's favorite team is Our Lady's University. Notre Dame now and always," said Ferowich.

KVUE's Jenni Lee had no idea God had a favorite team until she spoke with Ferowich.

Ferowich had been looking forward to the game for weeks.

"I am very excited. People have been talking to me and asking, 'Who are you rooting for?' and everything. But Notre Dame loyal," said Ferowich.

Which got Lee wondering.

She asked, "if you're a Catholic and you root for UT, are you a bad Catholic?"

Without missing a beat, Ferowich said, "Only if they're playing Notre Dame." 

Ferowich is a missionary at University Catholic Center on University Avenue in Central Austin across the street from the UT campus. That's where Father Larry Rice is the director.

"I got to root for our Longhorns. That's part of being here and supporting the community," Rice said.

So that got Lee wondering again.

She asked him, "Is there any sort of inner conflict as far as not rooting for the Irish? Being a devout Catholic and all?"

Father Rice replied with a laugh, "Well, it is not actually an article of faith that you have to root for Notre Dame. Many people do and that's fine but it's not required. It's not in the catechism."

No one ever said the Fighting Irish dhave a sense of humor.


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