Drivers battle traffic woes on Lakeline Blvd

AUSTIN, TEXAS - Drivers say the morning commute for northbound travelers on Lakeline Boulevard is anything but pleasent.

"It gets a little hairy," said driver Russell Spillers, who drops his son off at daycare on the street.

"It's pretty much a nightmare," described Xandra Anker who works on the street.

Drivers say they cruise down the street, coasting through the traffic signals until they hit Ridgeline Boulevard and that's when things slow down. Drivers say just when they finally make it through that light, they hit another red light and they just keep coming until they get to Highway 183.

So where's the disconnect? Turns out it starts where the traffic starts.

"The city boundaries are where they are," said Jennie Huerta, Media and Communications Manager for the City of Cedar Park.

Cedar Park operates the traffic signal at Shenandoah Drive and all the signals southwest of that. The City of Austin operates the signal at Ridgeline Boulevard and those to the northeast, where the traffic backs up. So if seems the lights are out of sync, it's because they're on different systems.

"We realize that that's happening, that we have these different jurisdictions, but we coordinate to make sure that we try to keep flow moving along there as smoothly as possible," said Jim Dale, Assistant Director for the City of Austin Transportation Department.

But something changed since the last time the two cities coordinated. In July, Cedar Park adjusted the timing of its lights on Lakeline Blvd. after drivers complained they were out of synch at the 1431 intersection. Transportation officials say traffic on other areas of Lakeline weren't impacted, but Austin officials say it did make a difference.

"When we make timing changes, that changes the system. And so when that happens we need to make the other adjustments and so that's what we're working on right now is making those adjustments so we align that timing and have that seamless flow back there," Dale explained.

In talking to both cities, it's unclear if or when either of them realized there was a problem for drivers, but the good news is Austin tells us it will have the signals aligned within two weeks. Hopefully making the commute less frustrating.


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