Jurors hear more testimony in Day 6 of Norwood trial

Sept. 20 testimony in Mark Norwood trial

TRAVIS COUNTY - Following a big decision from Judge Julie Kocurek, Tuesday marks day six of the capital murder trial for Mark Norwood, the man who is accused of beating Debra Baker to death in her own home in 1988.

The day began with the jury watching a video recording of a deposition from 2013 of Charles Megliorino who used to work at the Williamson County Sheriffs Office from 1986 to 1989. Megliorino has health problems and couldn't testify in the courtroom. He helped gather evidence from the Morton house, after Christine Morton's body was discovered. 

In the video, he described the scene as a "ghastly sight." He said the Sheriff specifically asked for the DPS crime lab to gather evidence on this case, and for Megliorino to serve as back up to them. 

Until Monday, jurors in the trial could not hear evidence from the 1986 death of Christine Morton. Norwood was convicted in Morton's death in 2013 and is currently serving a life sentence. Kocurek ruled that Morton's murder is relevant in identifying Norwood as a suspect in Baker's case.

Jennifer Smith, the supervisor of the Williamson County Sheriff crime scene and evidence department testified, saying it was a bit "messy" when she started in 2004. In 2010, she described looking for a blue bandanna found behind the Morton residence. They found it in an envelope labeled "hairs from victim." Despite rumors, Smith testified they were not hiding evidence, it was mislabeled. 

Smith also said they found bone fragments and a tooth from victim Christine Morton. 

A forensic DNA analyst named Jennifer Smith, but a different person from the previous witness, testified Tuesday. She said the blood stains on the blue bandanna matched Christine Morton. 

She also performed a "touch DNA test" where she scraped the bandanna for skin cells or sweat. From that she was able to create a DNA profile for an "unknown male." But, they were able to eliminate Christine's husband Michael Morton. 

Kimberley Clement, who used to work at the Texas Department of Public safety testified to running the DNA profile for the "unknown male" through a database. The profile matched Mark Norwood. 

Former Travis County Medical Examiner Roberto Bayardo also testified. He performed the autopsy on Christine Morton. He described the "massive" injuries to her head and face. 

We then watched a recorded deposition of Louis "Sony" Wann, who knew Norwood in the 1980s. He had a construction business and would use Norwood on a number of jobs. He testified they also became friends. 

Wann testified that he purchased a gun from Norwood for $50. 

He testified in 2011, that Austin Police came to his new home in Tennessee to ask him questions. At that time they seized the gun. 

Later in the day, Austin Police Homicide Cold Case Detective Richard Faithful testified that they matched this gun to the one stolen from the Morton's closet during Christine's murder. 

Testimony will continue Wednesday morning, but the judge expects closing arguments to start Thursday or Friday. 

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