Crash victim saved by a stranger

Saved by a stranger

SAN ANTONIO -- A stranger saved the life of a woman who was left helpless after a car crash.

On Friday around 1 a.m., Jenna Sanders was driving near Luskey Boulevard and Camp Bullis Road when a deer jumped into her lane.

"I've been told to speed up. Whenever you see a deer, speed up and hit it. As soon as I got up to it. I swerved. Just instinct. It's really hard to hit something on purpose," Sanders said.

Her car slammed into a light post, flipped over and got twisted around a tree. In a state of shock, Sanders said she tried looking for her phone to call for help.

"I couldn't open my eyes. They were completely covered in blood. So I couldn't see anything. I think overexerting myself, I passed out. And that's when Erin found me," Sanders said.

Erin McGinnis was in her car and spotted the downed pole. McGinnis said other cars kept going but she had a strong feeling telling her to stop. She took out her cell phone as a light and began searching through the brush.

"I was hollering and yelling if anybody was there. And then finally, the faintest 'please help me'," McGinnis said.

McGinnis said she didn't know which way to walk because it was dark but then, she said a dome light went on.

"The dome light from the side of her car and it got me to the car. I looked in and saw the seriousness of her injuries. Just then, the dome light went off," McGinnis said.

McGinnis called for help and stayed with Sanders until paramedics arrived.

"Whatever was going to happen, it was my decision that I was going to hold her hand whether she survived or not. Another human being was going to be loving her and holding her hand. She wasn't going to go through this alone," McGinnis said.

"I've never been religious, but you can't not believe in God when something like this happens. Especially with all that she's told me. I believe in God after this. My mom died 6 years ago and I know she was there. There was an angel there looking out for me," said Sanders. "I should be dead. But Erin is my angel. She had the courage to step in and look for me."

McGinnis also found a letter in Sanders' car with her parent's address. After Sanders was taken to a hospital, McGinnis went to her parent’s home and informed them about the crash.

Sanders car is a total loss because of the crash and she’s also facing medical bills. If you'd like to help, click here:

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