President Obama stops at Magnolia Cafe, Franklin Barbecue while in Austin

AUSTIN -- On his way to the Paramount Theater, President Barack Obama decided to make a tea stop at the Magnolia Cafe on Lake Austin Boulevard.

"I just think it's great, you know, I mean I guess some politicians would be off to Jeffrey's or some place. I think it's cool that Obama would come to Magnolia," said Austin resident Steve Wille.

Mari Hugo was already there.

"We came here to this location instead of the other location downtown because of all the traffic," said Hugo, who is visiting Austin from California. "A lady walked in and just said 'oh everybody quiet, we need to tell you something, the president's coming.'"

Waitress Michaella Rodriguez seated Mister Obama and University of Texas student Kinsey Button, who was set to introduce him the president at the theater.

"I definitely got butterflies. I was nervous about serving, you know, the president of the United States," said Rodriguez. "He's really laid back and down to earth. He shook my hand and he is really friendly. I got to get a picture with him afterward," she added. "It feels like I'm walking in a dream."

Hugo, who has only been a U.S. citizen for two years, said the experience was touching. "I lived in South Africa through the change from apartheid to no apartheid, to having the first Black president, then we moved to the US and we loved through having the first Black president here and here I am able to meet him. So in that sense it was a very sort of historic, profound moment."

From the Magnolia Cafe, the President took off to deliver a speech at the Paramount Theater before heading back to Washington. But he didn't leave Austin without stopping for some good ol' Texas Bar-B-Q at the famous Franklin Barbecue.

Daniel Webb took the president's order.

"A bunch of suits came in the room and cased the joint and frisked me and everybody and then everybody went nuts with their cameras and the president came in and shook everybody's hand," said Webb.

Known for its long lines, Franklin customers say they didn't mind the POTUS cutting and he took time to meet them all.

"Security was everywhere," said Gracie White who is visiting Austin with her family from Oklahoma. "So we had to make sure our hands were out of our pockets, and we had to be like very sincere and like use our correct grammar and niceness."

"He bought the customers behind, their lunch because he cut in front of them and then he bought a whole bunch of barbecue," said Webb.

Webb says the presidential to-go order included nine pounds of brisket, four pounds of turkey, ribs and a pecan pie for a total of $422 and some change.

"He is a good tipper," said Webb smiling, the president is a good tipper."

But it's not the tip that stands out most to Webb, it's the significance meeting a president has to him.

"My mother shook hands with Kennedy in Fort Worth that morning, so its nice to meet a president. That's cool, its cool for me," Webb added.

The Franklin Barbecue policy is to stay open until it runs out of meat, which generally happens quickly. Staff say the president did leave some brisket for the other customers, but he bought out all the turkey. They are expecting lines to be longer than usual for a while thanks to the visit.


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