Does it Work: Floateez

Does it Work Wednesday: Floateez

With school about to start, kids are squeezing in some last minute pool time.

One product made in Central Texas says get rid of those noodles and blow up rafts because it's reinventing flotation recreation.

Floateez are kind of building blocks for the water. You're supposed to connect them and create all kinds of rafts, even a floating jungle gym, with ease.

Kaleb, 11, and Lana, 7, are testing them out with the help of their father Ryan.

Floateez comes in different lengths and the oval water logs have mesh bags so they're easy to carry around. The creators of Floateez say they're build to last, because they're made of durable polyethylene foam that resists fading, salt water and pool chemicals. Laying on your back, stomach or sitting up, Floateez supports your weight in the water.

The kids think they're floatastic. They give this Does It Work product a big thumbs up.

You can find Floateez on the web and at Just For Fun Marina and other stores in Lakeway. Each pack of Floateez costs between $15 and $27.


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