Austinites celebrating Mexico's Independence Day

Celebrating Mexico Independence Day

AUSTIN - Many Americans may celebrate Mexican heritage on Cinco de Mayo, but most Mexicans themselves celebrating their national holiday on September 16th.

This Friday marks Mexico’s Independence Day. A number of performances kicked off at the State Capitol rotunda to celebrate the big holiday.

A Mariachi band from Crockett High School started and ended the show with a slew of performances. This band was much more than just guitars with singers and violins harmonizing to the melody.

Jazmine Cortez, Crockett High School Mariachi Band Member, said it was a performance to remember.

"I think I can speak for all of us when I say we were pretty nervous, most of us haven't played in this situation before, but once we actually started performing, and we heard how good the acoustics were, it feels a lot more comfortable, and once you get comfortable, it kinds of blows off your shoulders,” she said.

Then, a dance team from Austin High School came out with their beautiful white dresses and romantic swaying motions.

A number of Aztec dancers later brought up the noise level, dancing to the beat of the drum.

Representative Celia Israel, who is a Mexican-American, hosted the event. She said it's easy to see how Mexican values have influenced Texas culture.

"People were saying, wait a minute, we like taco trucks, so taco trucks became an American thing here recently, as we were having our presidential politics discussion, we're so used to the Mexican culture, Mexican food, Mexican words, like rodeo, for example. We're blending, and I would like to see that diversity, as a good thing,” she said.

September 16, 1810 was when Mexico began a long war against Spain, which eventually led to the country’s independence.

It is also currently Hispanic Heritage Month through October 15th.


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