APD: Serial sex assault suspect arrested

AUSTIN - Surveillance video from a North Austin gas station helped police solve a series of violent sexual assault cases. 

Nicodemo Coria-Gonzalez, 27, is charged with two counts of aggravated kidnapping, aggravated sexual assault, aggravated assault and aggravated assault with a deadly weapon. According to court documents, he had a "Modus Operandi" of picking up women from areas that are typically frequented by prostitutes and taking them to a secluded area off of Ferguson Lane where he would violently sexually assault them. 

The affidavit identified one of his victims as a 68-year old woman who used a cane to walk. In late July, police say he saw her on West Saint Johns and offered her a ride to the store. The document goes on to state that he passed up the store and when the woman tried to open the door to get out of his car, he sped up. He allegedly drove her to a dirt road off Ferguson Lane, against her will, where he assaulted and raped her.

The same ares is where he allegedly took a self-identified prostitute. The woman told police she got in Coria-Gonzalez's car and he said he was taking her to his apartment. As they drove, she said she began to feel uneasy, told him she changed her mind, and asked him to let her out of but he allegedly refused and instead took her to the area off Ferguson Lane. The woman described the area as wooded  and surrounded by tall grass. She said he retrieved a red gas can and began to pour what the woman believed was gasoline around her feet.

She managed to run away and hide in a nearby drainage ditch then wave down a driver for help.

Officers were able to catch him after connecting him to another crime. In June, a stabbing victim called police to file a report. She said a man offered her a ride to the Valero gas station on Parkfield Drive. After they left, he asked her to get in the back seat of his car. When she didn't comply, she said he got angry and took her to a grassy area across the street from the gas station where the two got into a struggle and he stabbed her.

The car and description were similar to Coria-Gonzalez. Austin Police Sex Crimes Detective Robert Thompson was working a similar case and retrieved the gas station surveillance video from APD's robbery unit to compare.

"We had a rough description of his vehicle from a lot of different victims. When we see the vehicle that he pulls into this parking lot with we're able to, not positively determine that it was the same vehicle but there was enough that we felt, yes this is potentially the same individual," said Thompson. 

Officers put out a "Be On the Look Out" alert and saw Coria-Gonzalez driving his car in August. He was arrested for the stabbing incident and also told detectives he would take prostitutes to "his garden" where he said they would have "consensual intercourse." He added that in some cases, the woman raised the agreed upon price and he beat them.

Police say he admitted to taking six women to the location. Officers have linked him to 10 cases since December 2015. They say half of his victims are prostitutes. They also believe there could be more victims and are asking anyone with information to call 311 and file a report. 

Coria-Gonzalez is currently in the Travis County Jail custody with a total bond set at $890,000. He is also being held on an ICE detainer. 

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