Yassine Trial day 4: Prosecution's key witness becomes emotional on stand




Posted on October 4, 2012 at 4:47 PM

AUSTIN -- Fireworks, tears and frustrations -- they are all happening in federal court in downtown Austin during the Yassine trial.

Three brothers Mike, Steve and Hadi Yassine are on trial at the same time, accused of selling cocaine and laundering money inside their entertainment district and 6th Street clubs.

Thursday their cousin, Mo, who is the government's star witness is being cross-examined by the defense. Mo secretly recorded conversations with Steve Yassine involving drug deals.

Mo tugged nervously at his hair Thursday, appeared nervous and took off his glasses to wipe away tears when asked if he gained Steve Yassine's trust and if family was the most important thing in his family's culture.

Defense lawyers also asked Mo if his long-term use of cocaine and marijuana has affected his memory.
He told them to the best of his knowledge he didn't think so. 
Mike Yassine's lawyer is trying to paint the picture that while the other brothers may have been involved in illegal activity, that Mike Yassine had no idea drugs were involved, and if he had, Mike would not have allowed the money exchanges.

Testimony will resume Friday.

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