Local scout honored with saving man's life


by JESSICA VESS / KVUE News & Photojournalist DENNIS THOMAS

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Posted on October 29, 2013 at 5:38 PM

Updated Tuesday, Oct 29 at 5:56 PM

WILLIAMSON COUNTY -- A Williamson County teen has been nominated for one of the top honors at the Boy Scouts of America.

On Tuesday Cray Steger met the wife of the man whose life he saved.

“We thank God every night that he was there, [that] his family was there at that exact moment,” said Becky.

Becky told KVUE that she and her family don’t want to share their last name. They want the attention to stay on Cray.

The Eagle Scout saved her husband’s life when he crashed his motorcycle back in September. It happened on FM 2243. Cray and his family were heading home from Cray's high school basketball game when they saw the crash and pulled over.

“When you see someone who needs help, you should help them,” said Cray.

Cray's years with the scouts taught him exactly what to do when he saw the crash and Becky’s husband’s injuries.

His leg was torn away in the crash. Cray didn't hesitate to step in and help.

“I took off my jersey and tied it onto the leg,” explained Cray. “After we got the tourniquet on, I went up to check his pulse. [I] asked him a few questions just to see if he had any brain injuries [or] concussions.”

“That is what made the difference. That's why that man is here today. That's why his family still has him,” said Lt. Lynne Lingo with Williamson County EMS.

Paramedics pulled up within minutes, but those were the crucial minutes that meant life or death.

“That's all you've got and if you hesitate for minutes then it's too late. Cray didn't hesitate. Cray stepped in. Cray did what he knew how to do,” said Lt. Lingo.

Tuesday morning paramedics and the county recognized Cray for what he did in those critical moments.

“We commend his heroic performance and applaud this humanitarian,” declared Lt. Lingo as she handed him a plaque of recognition.

County Commissioners shook his hand and met with his entire family.

“I'm really proud of you. It's great to have good neighbors,” said Valerie Covey of the Williamson County Commissioners Court.

Despite the applause, 31 merit badges and his Eagle Scout ranking, Cray says the award and the hugs he shared with Becky are what matter most.

The Williamson County EMS has petitioned the Boy Scouts of America to award Cray the Meritorious Award with Palms. It's the highest honor available.

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