Video: Nestande talks to police


by JESSICA HOLLOWAY / KVUE News and photojournalist MICHAEL MOORE

Posted on February 15, 2013 at 7:08 PM

Updated Monday, Mar 18 at 12:40 PM

TRAVIS COUNTY -- A taped interrogation and medical experts are now the focus of testimony in the Gabrielle Nestande trial. She's the former legislative aide accused of hitting and killing Courtney Griffin.

The Travis County Chief Medical Examiner pointed to crash scene photos of 30-year-old Griffin. He said she died almost immediately. He said even if Nestande had called for help, no one could've saved Griffin -- information that's providing some relief to a couple members of Griffin's family.

Austin police interrogated Nestande at her job inside the Capitol the morning after the crash.

"I am really scared now," said Nestande. "What are you scared of?" The detective asked. "I just have never been in a situation like this, needing police. I was so exhausted," said Nestande.

She was nervous and her voice shaking.

Nestande and her father both became emotional in court Friday, burying their faces in their hands, while prosecutors showed pictures of Griffin's injuries.

Auto body shop employees testified that Nestande called Big Boys repair shop at 8 a.m. the morning after the crash.

The jury broke early Friday.

They will return Monday on President's Day, which is a government holiday.

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