Sun City church holds fundraiser to build water well in Nicaragua


by ASHLEY GOUDEAU / KVUE News and Photojournalist DEREK RASOR

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Posted on January 5, 2013 at 6:51 PM

Updated Saturday, Jan 5 at 7:18 PM

GEORGETOWN, TX -- When you need it, chances are you turn on a faucet, go to a fountain or grab the closest bottle, but for more than 783 million people around the world, getting water is not this easy.

"We're pretty spoiled and we take it all for granted," said Caelie Burdett. "And there's so many people, who really, it's hard for us to imagine how they live."

Saturday morning, Burdett did more than just imagine. She and members of The Worship Place church at Sun City learned first hand what it is like to have to walk to the closest water supply.

"It just makes me more compassionate towards what they have to go through," said Christine Radosti, as she carried a bucket of water. 

The church held a Walk for Water fundraiser. Participants made a donation and then walked from the sanctuary to the Veterans Memorial Plaza pond where they filled buckets with water before walking back to the church.

The congregation is trying to raise $22,800 to help send 12 people on a mission trip to drill a water well in Nicaragua.

"Our church has supported, financially, Living Water International, for a few years. And we've just come to the place that we think it's necessary and time for us to do some hands on involvement," said Associate Pastor Kelly Barnett, D. Min. "We think this is what God would have us to do, so we're all in."

The average person who lives in a village without a well has to walk 3.7 miles round-trip to get to water. The participants in the fundraiser are walking a total of 1.4 miles, but they said it is still enough to give them a deep appreciation for what the people without wells have to go through.

"I'm just carrying half a bucket of water here. I'm sure they would carry everything that they could possibly carry, ten gallons, whatever they can, at a time. And that would be a lot different than what I'm doing right now," added Radosti.

Still, what they're doing, with each step they take will help supply a basic need to people hurting around the world.

Members of the worship place are also holding a taco salad dinner Sunday, January 6th to help raise money for the mission trip. Click here for more information

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