Fredericksburg residents take in first snow of winter


by JESSICA VESS / KVUE News and Photojournalist SCOTT McKENNEY

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Posted on January 4, 2013 at 6:24 AM

Updated Friday, Jan 4 at 12:31 PM

FREDERICKSBURG, Texas -- The first snow of the season hit the Hill Country Friday morning.

The sounds of laughter echoed through Fredericksburg as children woke up to a blanket of snow. Green yards turned into white, winter escapes.
“I was amazed. I didn't think it would snow here. So it's pretty awesome,” said Noah Gildersleeve, 12, of Fredericksburg.
The snow fell in waves overnight, blanketing fences, benches and trees.
“It happens here like once, twice a year, maybe. Sometimes I remember in my life probably two or three times it snowed so it's kind of unique here in the Hill Country,” said Darren Hahne of Fredericksburg.
For many, it was a sight worth braving the cold.
“[I saw] big snowflakes coming out. [I] stood outside in the snow with my arms outstretched saying 'Come on! I'm ready for some snow!'" said Jet Itz of Fredericksburg.
The snowfall started slowly around 3:30 a.m. By 6 a.m. large fluffy flakes fell from the sky.
The park in Downtown Fredericksburg glistened. Christmas decorations and lights sparkled under the winter treat.
By daylight families took turns taking pictures and playing in the snow.
“I was a little bit surprised. I've seen this much or more in the last 15 years here, but this is the first that we've had for a few years like this, so it's really nice,” said Jim Heuppl of Fredericksburg.
Heuppl came out to take photos, searching for the perfect sight. Others took to the snow hoping to build the biggest snowman. It became a race against time for everyone as the snowfall slowly melted away.