Lock down lifted at Reagan High School



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Posted on October 25, 2013 at 10:24 AM

Updated Friday, Oct 25 at 6:05 PM

Reagan High School on lock down

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AUSTIN --     A deadly school shooting earlier this week in Nevada and a teacher murder in Massachusetts has parents on edge all over the nation. A lock down at Reagan High School kept parents wondering what's happening inside the school with their kids.

Friday afternoon parents filled the school parking lot, many in tears and begging for answers. They left relieved after police found no weapons on campus and gave the all clear.

"Y'all need to let us know something, man!" yelled grandparent Rob Coleman outside the school.

Some students lined the fence but the rest remained in the school. No one was allowed in or out.

"Your son's there and you can't do anything, that was going through my mind," said parent Lilliana Guevara.

"We take every threat, every report such as this, seriously," said Austin ISD Police Chief Eric Mendez.

Police say just before 10 a.m. Friday a student reported seeing someone with a gun on campus and the school immediately went into lock down.

With Starflight circling overhead, school staff addressed parents and told them to stay calm. Still, many were anxious to get inside.

"Y'all better let my child go! Let my child go!" yelled a parent in the crowd.

"So much of this stuff is happening nationwide and when it happens close to home everybody panics," Coleman said.

Police didn't find anything or anyone matching the description.

"We searched every room, every hallway, every bathroom every gym every building," Chief Mendez explained.

They cleared the campus and parents rushed in, many choosing to take their kids home for the day.

"I thought it was like a drill because we always have lock down drills," said sophomore Dequan Coleman.

Students say, inside, they sat under desks with the lights turned off as police searched room to room.

"They turned the light on and said 'put your hands up!' We all jumped and stood up and they were like 'they're good'," said freshman Jaazmin Coleman.

"One of the officers, he was scanning through the classroom, and he stopped and pointed his gun at me. I just panicked I almost cried I was so scared. It was like an unreal moment," said Dequan

"I wanted to jump the fence but I couldn't do it. I'm just glad they're OK," they're grandfather, Rob, said.

Police say there is no reason to believe the student at Reagan made this up, they say he felt sure of himself and gave a detailed description of what he thought he saw.

Yesterday rumors circulated that someone had plans to hurt students at Austin High School. Police say they found no reason for concern, but did have extra officers on campus today. They say there's no reason to believe the 2 incidents are connected.