Police looking for jewelry store robbery suspect


by KVUE.com


Posted on February 26, 2013 at 9:35 AM

ROUND ROCK, Texas -- Police are searching for a jewelry store robbery suspect.

Round Rock police said a woman robbed Q&T Jewelry Monday afternoon at 220 Sundance Parkway. Police received a call about the robbery around 1:45 p.m.

The suspect reportedly looked at several items, including a Rolex and a diamond ring. The woman then tried to grab the items and leave, but store employees locked the doors.

Police said the suspect then started a fire using a water bottle she carried with her in her bag. The bottle was full of gasoline.

While store employees put out the small blaze with an extinguisher, the suspect fled out the back exit of the store.

"I say 'no you cannot go,' and I try to grab her from behind and I hold her here, then she knocked the bottle down and it smells like gas," Owner Hanh Le said.

According to a press release from the Round Rock Police Department, the suspect escaped with $9000 worth of merchandise.

Round Rock police said the suspect is possibly an Asian woman with a very light complexion and a large mole on her face near her nose. She is in her mid-40s, between 5'2"-5'4" and 130-150 pounds.

She was last seen wearing a white or off-white sweat jacket with a hood, black shirt, black pants and red knit hat that hid her eyes. She also wore prescription glasses.

Police said she was driving a silver passenger car.

The owner of the jewelry store said the stolen watch and ring were worth $13,000.

Click the players below to see surveillance videos released by Round Rock police:

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