Michael Morton officially exonerated of wife's murder




Posted on December 19, 2011 at 3:41 PM

Updated Monday, Dec 19 at 9:25 PM

WILLIAMSON COUNTY, TEXAS -- Michael Morton hugged his defense team Monday, after he was finally exonerated from a crime he didn't commit. Morton served 25 years for the murder of his wife. It was a conviction that Judge Sid Harle says should have never happened.

"What happened to you and your family was a horrendous tragedy. It began 25 years ago and it continued until your release," Harle said in court.

"Revenge is a natural instinct, but it's not what I'm asking for here. Just accountability," Morton said.

Now, Morton and his attorneys are requesting a "court of inquiry" into potential misconduct by then lead prosecutor Ken Anderson, alleging Anderson concealed evidence that could have acquitted Morton 25 years ago.

"We think that potentially contempt lies with not originally turning it over to Judge Lott, not making it clear to the Court of Appeals and ultimately the Court of Criminal Appeals. We think it continued all the way through the post-conviction litigation," Morton's attorney Barry Sheck said.

Anderson's attorney Eric Nichols says the allegations are one-sided and defamatory.

"The allegations concerning a failure to provide the court exactly what the court asked for in those pre-trial proceedings, those allegations are false," Nichols said.

Meanwhile Morton says hes looking forward, and hoping that his case will prevent anyone else from enduring a wrongful conviction.

"It's my hope through all this that we get a little something. We get some reform, some change. Nothing radically revolutionary but just balance the books make it a level playing field, that's all we want. And we just want as in this case, the prosecutors not to do anything special, but just obey the law. Just follow that," Morton said.

Judge Harle took the request for a court of inquiry under advisement. No word on when he may rule.