Closing arguments Wednesday in Norwood murder trial



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Posted on March 26, 2013 at 5:35 PM

Updated Monday, Apr 15 at 4:08 PM

SAN ANGELO, Texas - Closing arguments are set for Wednesday morning in the Mark Norwood case. Meaning jurors will soon have the case in the closely-watched trial.

Norwood is accused of killing Christine Morton in 1986. During opening statements last week the defense attorneys told jurors to consider two things -- contamination and liars. Tuesday they finally got the chance to try and prove that's what has happened in this case.

Special prosecutor Lisa Tanner called witnesses to the stand for nearly one week. Jurors heard from law enforcement, DNA analysts, and even Christine Morton's family, including her husband Michael who wrongfully spent 25 years in prison for his wife's murder.

All the while, defense attorneys countered the state's witnesses and questioned the decades old evidence and how it was handled over the years.

Tuesday they got their chance to present a case. First up to testify was Mark Norwood's mother Dorothy, a woman who says her son is innocent.

Dorothy told jurors they are a close family, and they were back in the late 80s too.

The defense questioned Dorothy's knowledge of a man named Luis "Sonny" Wann. Wann worked with Norwood on construction projects in the 1980s, and prosecutors say Norwood sold him a gun that was stolen from the Morton home on the day of her murder. Wann also testified through a taped deposition on the state's behalf.

Next the defense called Wann's family to testify, including his ex-wife Sue and his daughter Melinda. Both women told jurors Wann often told stories and was not known to be honest.

Once the defense rested, prosecutors had a rebuttal. They called a former Austin police detective to the stand and played a recorded conversation he had with Norwood. In the recording, Norwood told the detective when using a hammer, he would likely use his right hand.

Wednesday the trial will begin with closing arguments, then it will be handed over to the jury for deliberations. and KVUE News will continue to have full coverage of Norwood's trial this week. Check the website and download our FREE KVUE News mobile app for up-to-date coverage.

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