Manor resident hit twice in 9 days on Hwy. 290


by SHELTON GREEN / KVUE News and Photojournalist DATHAN HULL

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Posted on June 21, 2013 at 10:14 PM

Updated Sunday, Jun 23 at 11:08 PM

 MANOR – What are the odds of being involved in two serious accidents within a few miles of each other, in a span of nine days? 

It’s a question haunting Chris Vasquez, 25, a married father of two who is now afraid to drive after what happened to him on U.S. 290 East on June 7, and again on June 16.

“I wake up and I'm just sweating and drenched, and it's like I cannot stop thinking about the whole thing," says Vasquez. 

The nightmare began for Vasquez on June 7 as he was heading eastbound on 290 East at Springdale Road. Witnesses saw an 18-wheeler run the red light. Vasquez clipped the back of the 18-wheeler, which kept going. The truck driver has yet to be caught. 

Then nine days later, just a few miles up the same highway, a suspected drunk driver going the wrong way on 290 East, this time near Greenbury, hit one car and kept going before plowing into Vasquez at about 70 mph. 

“I turn my head around and I see lights. He was coming so fast that I just tried to swerve out," added Vasquez. 

Lamont Norwood was charged with Driving While Intoxicated for that crash. Authorities are waiting on results from blood tests.

The Manor Police Department, the Travis County Sheriff’s Office, and Austin Police Department say they’ve all stepped up enforcement along the heavy construction area on 290 East between 183 and Manor. Manor police told KVUE that most of the enforcement is during the day.

Chris Vasquez and his wife Laura would love to see even more officers work the area around the clock. 

“I don't see many cops out there that's the thing I honestly don't see. When you see lane closures you expect for cops to be out there,” added Vasquez.