Manor parents demand answers about superintendent's resignation



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Posted on February 4, 2014 at 11:15 PM

Updated Wednesday, Feb 5 at 8:33 AM

MANOR, Texas -- The resignation of Manor Superintendent Kevin Brackmeyer has people talking, and parents are fed up.

"I'm not up here representing Kevin Brackmeyer. I'm just one of the many parents, many parents in this district who want an answer and deserve an answer. And deserve accountability," said attorney and parent  Bradley B. Clark.

On  Tuesday, Jan. 28, the school board called a special meeting with the intent to fire Brackmeyer. Parents, teachers and community members showed up in droves to support him, but after a three and a half hour closed session, he resigned.

At the meeting, parents were told they could not give any comment. Tuesday during a public forum, they got their chance. Clark spoke on behalf of most of the parents in the packed room.

He addressed rumors that board president Desiree Cornelius-Fisher pushed Brackmeyer out and that they both allegedly misused district money.

"Kevin Brackmeyer has already suffered the consequences of his alleged conduct, whatever that might be. But what about the allegations about Mrs. Fisher? Should she not be held accountable for the same conduct or worse?" said Clark.

But not everyone is putting blame on the board president alone. District records show Cornelius-Fisher, Allen Ambuhl, Matidly Samaripa, Jr. and Adriana Lapeyra voted to accept the resignation. John Jonse voted against the resignation and Melinda Fiebig and Marlin Thomas abstained from voting.

"Here's the issue. There [are] seven board members. No matter how you do the calculation, four plus three, five plus two, six plus one, or seven-oh, it takes a majority vote to make a decision," said Manor resident  Anthony Walker.

"We still want to know why. I mean, that's the biggest question," said Manor parent Monique Celedon.

Parents are now asking for an external investigation of the board, and it seems the board is listening. Members unexpectedly voted to add an item to the next meeting agenda to approve an external investigation into misuse of power and misappropriation of district funds on all of the board members.

Still, there is still more fuel being added to this fire. The day after Brackmeyer resigned, a well-known coach received a text message from an unknown number saying he was next. There are also copies of district receipts being circulated within the community.

Parents say they just hope their trust in the district can be restored.