Former Navy Lt. wants justice after false arrest


by KRIS BETTS / KVUE News and photojournalist DATHAN HULL

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Posted on April 26, 2013 at 10:13 PM

Updated Friday, Apr 26 at 10:21 PM

HUTTO, Texas -- On December 13th, former Navy Lt. Grant Martin had just moved back to Texas to attend flight school, when he was contacted by police.

“Within 12 hours of being here, I got a knock on the door the next morning,” Martin told KVUE.

At the door was a Hutto police officer who started questioning Martin about his truck outside, because it didn’t have a front license plate.

“They said ‘Is that your vehicle?’ I said ‘yes,’ and they asked for some identification,” said Martin.

Martin had a Florida license, but his name and date of birth matched a Williamson County arrest warrant for auto theft.

"We confirmed the name and date of birth were identical to what was on the warrant,” said Hutto Police Chief Peter Scheets.

Martin was immediately arrested and booked into jail. He tried convincing the arresting officer that she had the wrong person.

“I told her she was making a mistake, and she goes 'I'm just doing my job,'" Martin said.

Hutto police confirm to KVUE that they arrested the wrong man.

“This was not the Mr. Martin that we were looking for, but his identifying information matched the warrant,” said Scheets.

Now Martin wants to get his $500 bond money back and clear his record, but that will cost even more

“The investigator from the DA’s office told me it was going to be anywhere between $800 to $1,300 to get it expunged,” Martin explained. 

He’s also worried that an arrest and mug shot will affect his future flying career.

“Potential airline companies that I want to work for, they can pull up my record and see an arrest," he said.

Martin said he reached out to Williamson County multiple times with no luck.

“I was trying to call the DA’s office and get them to fix the problem, and so far I’m just hearing crickets."

KVUE went directly to Hutto police to see what they could do, and after speaking with Chief Scheets he told us, “we've reached out to him as a result of being contacted by you all, and we're willing to work with him to clear up any misunderstanding."

Martin says he’s thankful someone is paying attention, and now he just wants to get back to life before this false arrest.