Hail storm damage in Texas Hill Country


by FOTI KALLERGIS / KVUE News and photojournalist DAVID GARDNER


Posted on April 3, 2013 at 6:45 PM

Updated Wednesday, Apr 3 at 10:20 PM

MARBLE FALLS, Texas – Marble Falls is said to be ground zero for Tuesday’s hail storm.

Reports of golf ball size hail left big losses at a car dealership and the police department.

“It's pretty amazing the extent of the damage,” said General Manager Tom Kendal. “I think it's a little bit devastating because these lines look so beautiful normally because they're all brand-new cars straight from the factory, and now it doesn't look as appealing.”

Four hundred and fifty cars and SUV’s were damaged by the hail, said Kendal. The damage estimates have exceeded $1 million. Dents from the hail could be seen on every car. More than a dozen vehicles had cracks in the windshield. Mobile phone video taken by one of the dealership employees showed the force and size of the hail as it fell Tuesday afternoon.

“It's every car, it's our entire pre-owned inventory waiting for the insurance adjusters to be out,” Kendal said.

Dealership crews spent the day assessing each car and placing a colored sticker in the windshield before insurance adjustors made it out.

Down the road at the Marble Falls police parking lot, there was more damage. Six police cruisers were taken out of service due to shattered windshields or bashed-out tail and headlights. The cars accounted for half of the police force’s fleet.

“It changes what we need to do, but it doesn’t alter our response to anything or the amount of officers we have on the streets,” Captain Glenn Hanson said.

Glenn said he expects the cruisers to be back in service by next week. Three other city vehicles were also taken out of service due to hail damage.

Just northeast of Marble falls, in Kingsland, the hail storm knocked out all the front windows to Sergio Arredondo’s home. Arredono told KVUE News he thought a tornado was coming at his home during the storm, so he retreated to his underground bunker. When it was over, he went outside and found his windows broken and more than six inches of hail on his property.

There was hail damage to an unspecified number of homes in Marble Falls. The city is waiving all permit fees and is reminding all residents to be weary of scammers.

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