Man charged with capital murder in toddler's death



Posted on September 4, 2013 at 11:33 AM

Updated Wednesday, Sep 4 at 6:19 PM

GEORGETOWN, Texas -- Two people have been arrested after the beating death of a toddler.

On Aug. 31 Georgetown police were called to St. David's Hospital to investigate the suspicious death of a two-year-old boy.

Staff at the hospital told police the boy was brought into the emergency room by Andrew Ray Jimenez, 22. After attempts to save the boy, he was pronounced dead. Staff noticed he had strange bruises on his body so they called police.

While being interviewed Jimenez told officers he was watching the child for his girlfriend and the boy's mother, 18-year-old Monica Alvarado-Garcia, who was at work. He says he woke up from a nap to find the boy laying at the bottom of the stairs.

Jimenez told police he then put the boy in the bath tub to try and wake him up before putting him in bed with him and taking a nap. According to Georgetown police, Jimenez told officers he was hungover from the night before and "just wanted to rest."

Jimenez told officers that when he woke up, the boy wasn't breathing. That's when he took him to the ER.

"He basically said that he was very, very tired, the child was being just typical two-year-old little boy, wouldn't let him rest, wouldn't let him sleep, so he basically punched the child repeatedly in the stomach until it quit wiggling around, quit moving around," said Capt. Roland Waits of the Georgetown Police Department. "Medical examiner also said within about 30 minutes after the injuries, he would've been deceased."

A couple of days later, an autopsy by the Travis County Medical Examiner found that the child had bruising on his stomach that wasn't consistent with Jimenez's story. The boy also had internal injuries that could only be caused by "tremendous blunt force being exerted to the stomach and area just below the navel." The ME then ruled the child's death a homicide.

"The medical examiner said in all his years of practice, he's never seen such trauma and injury, even significant car accidents...There were organs and things that had been lacerated, cut in half," said Capt. Waits.

On Sept. 3 Georgetown police arrested Jimenez and charged him with capital murder. Alvarado-Garcia defended her boyfriend when police tried to take him away. She was arrested and charged with interfering with police. Witnesses say she was at the hospital when her son died and showed little emotion during the ordeal.

In jail Jimenez confessed to police that he did indeed kill the child after becoming frustrated with him for interrupting his sleep. He was charged with capital murder because the child is under the age of six. He was booked into the Williamson County Jail on a $1 million bond.

Police say Jimenez has been in trouble with the law three to four times since March due to domestic violence of another woman.

Police say the boy's mother bonded out of jail Wednesday. Police are concerned for her safety because she told her family after spending time in jail, she is now feeling depressed.