Detectives investigating potential triple homicide


by KVUE News

Posted on October 29, 2010 at 5:15 PM

Updated Friday, Oct 29 at 10:15 PM

Friday morning police searched a home on J.J. Seabrook Drive just off MLK Boulevard. They found two bodies inside, and later learned that was just part of the story.

There are three bodies that have been discovered in two different locations. All three people were reported missing just two days ago.

APD investigators are trying to determine whether the dead woman, Carla Alvizo and a dead juvenile male, found on J.J. Seabrook just off Manor Road and 183, may be connected to Marco Antonio Garcia.

Investigators say Garcia lived there and that Alvizo was his former girlfriend.

Meanwhile, Travis County Sheriff's deputies say Garcia is responsible for a body they discovered. That body was discovered in a house on Burleson Manor Road.

The house belonged to Edward Stout, 67. Investigators say Garcia had often done odd jobs for Stout. They were able to locate Garcia because he was using Stout's credit cards.

When investigators found Garcia at a home on Lakeshore Drive, they found he had Stout's pick-up truck and two of Stout's handguns. One was in Garcia's hands when he was tackled and taken into custody by deputies.

Investigators say Stout had been shot one time the back of the head.

"We are still looking into that. He was found with two pistols, or a pistol and a revolver, and we're still looking into or confirming just exactly which weapon, or if one of those weapons, were involved in the killing," said Roger Wade from the Travis County Sheriff's Office.

Investigators have not yet tied Garcia to the murder of his former girlfriend, Alvizo, and a juvenile male, but APD investigators are working to see if there is a connection.

Angie Conover, Stout's daughter, told KVUE News on Friday that her father would help anyone.  A Vietnam War veteran, he would fry turkeys for hospitals in Temple and Kerrville every Thanksgiving and Christmas for free.  She described her father as "one of the most giving persons you would ever want to meet."

"It's just absolutely wrong that someone he's helped for a decade would do this and just take from him and take him from us," she said.  " It's just so wrong."

Angie said the Stout family knew Anthony Garcia as Tony.  

"He's been working for my father and a friend of the family for over a decade," she said.  "He sat at our Thanksgiving table."

But according to Conover, the relationship changed when Garcia was deported a few years ago.

"He left and we didn't hear from him for a couple of years ...," she said.  "He just came back into the scene a couple of weeks ago and asked my dad if there was any work."

Stout's family filed a missing person's report Wednesday after not hearing from their father and not finding him at his house and workshop.

"Actually, my sister and I were in the shop, probably 10-feet from him and we didin't see him," said Conover.

For Anthony Conover, the reality of what happened to his grandfather was stunning.

"When I was at the U.S. Marshal's Office and they showed me the video of Tony swiping the debit card, it was a total shock," said Andrew Conover, Stout's grandson.

Both Stout's grandson and daughter said they will never forgive Garcia.

"The detective said we're going to get to speak to him at some point and (I'm) just going to ask him why?  It's the same thing my mother said, we just want to know why.  It's just wrong," said Angie. 

Garcia is currently in the Travis County Jail. He has been charged with the capital murder and robbery of Stout. More charges could be forthcoming.